IoT- The Future.

Why IoT?

It stands for Internet of things. Today’s world breathes and lives with IoT and it’s facilities. We want everything to be smart and quick in the hustle-bustle of our lives. From smart house to smartwatch, everything we use is smart. All the appliances made are smart and modified in such a way that it makes it more accessible and easy to use.

We are surrounded by Iot and it’s blessings, let it be our offices or our houses. IoT has changed the need of remotes. Now remote controls are not necessary. We can simply perform every task by using the sensors in our cellphone. A simple click can do anything, easily… Turning on TV, swiping channels, switching AC on, bringing blue tooth speakers to life, everything is quick and easy. This simple changes in our lifestyle bought Iot as a powerful source of service to all sectors. This is important in every sector, from business to schooling we are surrounded by it.

The most simple example of IoT is a AC manufacturing unit. There are sensors fitted in every air conditioner, on conveyors, every pillar they cross while packaging. This makes easy for manufacturer to identify defects and maintain records easily. Later, the barcodes are placed on every AC they produce, this barcode has every information regarding the product, from it’s version to it’s manufacturing date. Once, they reach the showroom, the barcode scanner decodes every information about the product. This helps them maintaining their sales records with ease. Once sold to the customer, the AC has sensors which measures temperature, humidity of the room, this same information is uploaded on the IoT platforms. From where, the customer care of the AC company keeps track of their products and informs the user when the AC need to be serviced. This is how we are surrounded by it at every instant.

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What is IoT?

IoT is a giant network of devices connected for collecting data and information. Wondering how? There are sensors in every devices making them smart like GPS, smart TV, smartwatch, camera, barcode sensors.

This devices continuously emits data to IoT platform. This IoT platform acts as a common place to dump all the data. It also provides a common language for every data. The dumped data is integrated, the valuable data is analyzed and extracted. This extracted data is further sent to other devices for better user experience. Thus making our lives better and quick.

This device is connected using USB, CAN protocol and Modbus, wifi, wireless tools, Zigbee, etc. This platform follows a few communication protocols like a satellite (cellphone communication), Wi-fi( internet connectivity), Radio Frequency (Zigbee), Bluetooth, NFC ( Near field communication), RFID (Radio-frequency identification technology used for detecting wireless sensors).

The entire gateway architecture consists of devices, connecting blocks, device management platforms and applications.

As it is dealing with such a great quantity of data and assuring safety to it is also a necessity. This platforms are known as device management platforms (DMP). They provide firmware update, metric reports, security searching and alert mechanisms. This security system makes it more reliable and accessible. This IoT has a great impact in today’s lifestyle, it has changed the way we react and behave

The scope of IoT…

IoT has provided many jobs opportunities for the generation. It has brought up almost 24 million job vacancies as per IDC’s report. It provides better scope for data science. It provides ample career opportunities. It helps in providing actual data which can be used in real-time analysis, leading to better and quicker decision making. It is also known for providing industry-wide connectivity.

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